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Why choose the Stock Psycho's newsletter and join my thousands of subscribers? The almighty dollar that's why. My picks have had more wins than any other major newsletter out there. Of course past performance is no indication of future results, blah blah cut to the chase, there have been many winning picks but also some losers. So just know this, you CAN LOSE EVERYTHING. But that should go without saying when investing in stocks and even more so in the penny stocks game.

"I've Never Played Penny Stocks Before"

People email all the time saying they've never invested penny stocks before and I always say, "It's a game and not an investment". Look at it as a game where you could win or lose within minutes. My picks come fast and can be over just as quickly so you need to know how to trade. I will never tell you how to buy or even what to buy; that's not what my newsletter is about. How and why I choose certain picks for my subscribers is why I'm the best. I know where to find potential huge gainers and have used this method time and time again--which I share with my subscribers.

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